Dick Wilde 2

Dick Wilde 2 is always more fun with a friend.

The local lakes and ravines have been infected by a toxic outbreak! Pair up with your friends in co-op mode and take on the deadly ooze and its disgusting dwellers.

Aantal spelers1 tot 2 spelers
VR GearVR Controller
LeeftijdAlle leeftijden (12+)

Play with a friend

Dick Wilde 2 is always more fun with a friend. Team up with your buddy over network co-operative play and take down the source of the toxic outbreak!


New Epic Bosses:

Face off against new enemies on a gargantuan scale, including vicious piranhas, manic moles and even a giant enemy crab!

Insane Weapons

Players can clear the swamplands with 16 all-new super-powered weapons – from physics-defying beam guns to homemade revolvers.


Hats, lots of em

Whether you want a dapper tophat or feel like putting on a traffic cone, we have got you covered.


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