Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition

Experience a thrilling FPS action adventure story told across three chapters.

You’re the last agent alive able to stop Dr Monday and save the world! Slay the zombie hordes using a high-tech visor, insane gadgets and an arsenal of Z-shredding weapons. Team up with former CIA operative Billy-Bob and his daughter Celia-Jane as you delve deep into the true madness of Dr Monday’s nefarious schemes of world domination!

Aantal spelers1 of 2 spelers
VR GearVR Controller
LeeftijdAlle leeftijden (12+)

Alongside impressive firepower, get up close and personal with the zombie horde with all new melee weapons! Hack off limbs and hurl axes at the shuffling undead. Deflect spitter slime with baseball bats and hit a zombie head for a home run! All this and much, much more.


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