Revolvr 3

Duck and dive within the tracking zone

On a dusty planet with sand-blasting winds, gun-making tycoons start renting robot bodies to adventurous humans with hotshot ambitions in return for trying out their newly designed revolver handguns. Gunslingers of all sorts load into robotic bodies to take part in grand Frontier-like stand-offs and show off their skills and shooting styles.

Choose one of four characters with unique revolvers and battle your way through three arenas. Jump, duck, hide behind covers and choose unusual angles to shoot from.

Let the best bot win!

Aantal spelers2 tot 4 Spelers
VR GearVR Controller
LeeftijdAlle leeftijden (12+)


Move very fast
duck and dive within the tracking zone, no teleporting makes the experience comfortable.

PvP shooting action
all ages, great for parties, simplified weapon handling to fulfill the needs of early-adopters.


Three levels
going from simple to hard: Graveyard, Wild Forest and Zero Gravity.

Four heroes
to choose from: Agent, Sheriff, Voodoo and Ninja. Every character has his own unique weapon, reload animations and shooting style.


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