Snapshot VR

Kill people in teams of up to 5.

Snapshot is a VR arena shooter built for e-sports with competitive solo and team play. Inspired by the real-life sport, Snapshot feels like playing paintball in the future. One shot, one kill. In competitive teams of up to 5, communication and coordination are the keys to victory.

Aantal spelers2 tot 6 spelers
VR GearVR Controller
LeeftijdAlle leeftijden (12+)


  • Room Browsing / Basic Matchmaking
  • Cross-platform profiles with tracked stats and leaderboards
  • Avatar Customization w/ Cosmetics
  • Third-party Map Editor w/ 50+ community maps playable
  • Training maps with stationary and moving targets
  • Multiple Locomotion Modes to accommodate any type of VR player


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