Synth Riders

players lose themselves in the incredible music.

Synth Riders is a fan-favorite freestyle dancing VR rhythm game where the players lose themselves in the incredible music, ride the unique rails system, and can play with up to 10 friends in the multiplayer mode.

Aantal spelers1 tot 6 spelers
VR GearVR Controller
LeeftijdAlle leeftijden (8+)
  • Very fast on-boarding, perfect for VR arcades
  • 46 Songs from various genres
  • 10-Players Cross-Platform Multiplayer
  • Official Custom Song Support
  • “Spin Mode” with 90, 180, and 360 Spins in Every Song
  • In-game Fitness Tracker
  • Exciting Weekly Challenges
  • “Party Mode” Local Leaderboards
  • Official Beatmap Editor


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